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The program

Deloitte Canada is part of Deloitte’s global brand of dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world who collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, tax, and related services to select clients.

As part of their internal corporate training programs, Deloitte University offers a Global Directors Program with the final module culminating in an in-class learning session, with the specific learning objective of demonstrating leadership through the analogy of a conductor leading and rehearsing with a live orchestra. MEM was able to consult with the Deloitte team on their specific requirements and execute the program to support their specific and unique need.

The exciting session includes Main Event Music’s in-house Conductor and Composer leading a 10 piece classical orchestra through a rehearsal for a live audience at Deloitte University, including question and answer periods for the learners to discuss and note their observations. The engaging session closes with a 15 minute concert for the participants to enjoy. The initiative has been extremely successful with ongoing multiple sessions in 2023 and upcoming in 2024.

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