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The Deep House Project is here to transform your next event. Book them if you’re looking for something completely different; their sexy, hip and timeless classy look consistently delivers for those looking for a uniquely cosmopolitan musical act.

A Unique, Sophisticated Music Performance

The Deep House Project has been carefully curated to bring a breath of fresh air to the event-hosting landscape. Whether you are hosting a cocktail event, booking music for a hotel lounge or celebrating a new launch, Deep House Project will bring the magic.

The Deep House Project offers deep, sultry sounds in a live music environment creating a modern, soulful atmosphere, perfect for any sophisticated gathering. The deep house music scene, a sub-genre of house music, fuses elements of jazz-funk and soul music so you can expect creative percussion, extraordinary rhythmic bass lines, and soulful vocals (on request).

Customizable, Highly Personal Deep House Music

The highly in-demand Deep House Project will bring a sense of elegance and class to your evening soirée. Their unique creative process makes their performance highly customizable as they draw on elements of deep house, jazz-funk, disco, and soulful grooves.

The way that the Deep House Project approaches their music and performances is also highly personal. Without being overbearing, this live ensemble brings understated energy and groove to set the tone for the evening. Different to a DJ who sets the scene from behind a booth, the Deep House Project involves the audience, drawing them into their performance.

If this is exactly what you are looking for, make the booking soon. The Deep House Project is regularly fully booked, and you don’t want to miss this one-of-a-kind ensemble.

Would you like a taste of how they sound when they perform live? Have a look here.

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